A Reason To Believe

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About the Book:

Olivia Montgomery has learned in life that most people are self-serving and only have their own interests at heart. After a broken marriage and an unplanned pregnancy takes her to the one place she never wanted to go again, Olivia must fight for her freedom and independence.

In a moment of life or death she meets Tyler, a man who seeks to honor God in all his actions. His love is not like anything Olivia has ever known. It’s foreign and yet the most powerful love she has ever experienced. It has the power to heal, to forgive, and it never gives up on her. Little does she know that there is One who can love her more than Tyler.

A heart-warming Christian romance that illustrates how God works out our hardships for His glory, continuously showering us with love.


My Review:

Tyler is a Christian and Olivia is not. God puts Tyler in Olivia’s life and keeps placing her on his heart. God is using Tyler to show Olivia that she needs him. I love this quote from the book. When Tyler is praying “lord, I am in Your hands. My life is clay and You are the Potter.”  Also this quote where Charlie is talking to Tyler “When I think of God at work in our lives,I think of the ants. They are always working, and God is no different.”
Olivia has had a hard time with relationships, including her parents that are Christians but she never wanted to except their ways and didn’t want anything to do with God. When she is in a car accident Tyler helps get her out of the car and calls an ambulance. When she is released from the hospital she finds Tyler to thank him for saving her life. God keeps talking to Tyler about Olivia.
I really loved Tyler’s character. Definitely an human being but really wanted to serve the Lord and obey him.  Meaning he was not perfect but was a Christian that tried hard to do what God wanted. Olivia had a lot to deal with and was trying to make it on her own and fight through a lot of pain.
I really enjoyed the scene when Tyler had the youth group at his home and other scenes where he worked with the youth group at church. This is a really inspiring book, with great characters and really touched my  heart.
I received an complementary copy of the book from the  author. I was not required to write an positive review. This is my own opinion.


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