Imperfectly Proverbs 31 book review

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About the Book


To help her archeologist sister, geeky Samantha Rose agrees to swap her black T-shirts and diet of pizza and ice-cream for a pretty apron and a summer caring for her adorable twin nieces and their newfoundland dog in Huckleberry Lake, Idaho. How hard can it be?
But when Perfectly Proverbs 31, the homemaker blog she starts to reassure her sister, goes viral and everyone believes it’s real, Sam needs to reluctantly keep up the pretense. If she doesn’t, she risks ruining everyone’s summer. The girls’ over-protective grandma will surely to swoop in to take the girls.
Forced by his boss to interview Sam, then take a vacation, a month at the lake with nothing to do but write a fluff piece is burned-out city crime journalist Daniel Novak’s worst nightmare. But he finds her surprising and delightful, as her attempts to impress him with a picnic go horribly wrong. Time with Sam could restore his lost faith in people — and in God.
Can Ms Klutz-in-the-Kitchen transform herself to a Proverbs 31 woman in time to stop him revealing the truth about her blog? And what will happen to their growing love when he does?


My Review

Daniel is told by his boss to take a working vacation. He has to interview Samantha, who has a homemaking blog. His boss did not give him any other option.

He meets Samantha and enjoys getting to know her. She is caring for her nieces. They are so cute and loving. Love books that have children in it. 

I enjoyed this book. Loved how Samantha cared for her nieces. I recommend this book. 


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