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I Love books with children in them. They always make the story so much better. Whether the children are babies or older. I am featuring a collection of some of the Love Inspired books I have read with children in them.  Love inspired is a line of christian based books that Harlequin publishes.

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About the Book:

The only job Abby Halliwell can find in her Montana hometown is temporary nanny to two mischievous little girls. But it’s on her ex-boyfriend Jess Langford’s ranch. Jess needs help raising twins suddenly left in his care, so he and Abby are determined to be professional. But between unexpected holiday happenings and two mischievous matchmakers, will their business arrangement turn into something more?


My Review:

This was such a special story. This is one of those books where I just felt so close to the characters. They became like family to me. I loved the twin girls so much. They are five years old and quite a pair. Jess unexpectedly finds himself raising the two young sweet girls. He is also busy on his ranch with the cattle.

Abby is hired to help with the girls. She grew up in the area. Actually, part of the story involves her and her dad. They had some things to work out. I loved that part in the book.  I loved most of the characters . Unfortunately, I hardly ever get to read a book more than once but this is one that would be special enough to do so.

I received this book from the reader service I subscribe to. I was not required to write a review but I wanted to.





About the Book:

Inheriting a ranch with her two sisters is the fresh start widowed mom Leah Holloway desperately needs. The problem? Leah knows nothing about ranching. And the only person willing to teach her is Shane Jackson, the handsome and oh-so-infuriating cowboy next door. Trusting each other means they’ll risk everything—including a connection that might just blossom into something dangerously real.


My Review:

I think my favorite character was the little boy Dylan.  Leah is a widow  and wants a dad for Dylan that will treat him right. I  really loved Shane who does a fantastic job in helping Dylan.

This is a book I would enjoy reading more than once. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from the author. A book about second chances, misunderstanding and forgiveness.

I brought this book from the Harlequin reader service and was not required to write a review.



About the Book:

With orphaned twin infants to care for, Casey Courtright hoped to buy the ranch he works on -but he can’t match Ember Reed’s offer. Nevertheless, Casey agrees to show Ember the land she plans to use for her therapy center, but only if she’ll help him with the babies. And as the twins draw them together, Casey might just find that Ember is his perfect partner.


My Review:

Casey is caring for infant twin boys after they were orphaned. He definitely has his hands full. Ember comes along wanting to buy some land that Casey is also wanting to buy. She does have a very good reason. Ember also has something else she is dealing with from her past.

I enjoyed the interactions with the babies. Also loved all the time they spent on the ranch and exploring the land nearby.

There is a lot more to the story. It is a fast read, that kept me interested from start to finish.

This is a book that I bought, I was not required to write a review.


About the Book:

A secret son makes him a daddy…In this Rocky Mountain HavennovelRunning a horse-riding program for foster youths, Gabe Webber is used to children–but fathering the six-year-old son he just met is completely different. Gabe needs a woman’s help…but not a wife. Temporarily home at her foster family’s retreat, Olivia DeWitt is afraid of motherhood, but this father and son touch her heart. Will they show her there’s nothing more precious than family?


My Review:

I love books with children and this is a really good one. Six-year-old Eli is dropped off to a Dad that was just met him. His mother just passed away. Gabe did not know he was a Father, he will now have to figure out how to be one.

Olivia is coming back to visit her former foster home and sisters. They ran a horse program for foster kids. Olivia has something in her past to work out from her childhood.

I really loved the scenes with all the kids in the book. Eli has gone through so much in his young life. He  seemed  older than six.

This book is part of the books I received from the Reader Service. I was not required to write a review on it.


Are there any good books with children that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments.


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