Meeting By Chance

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About the Book:


After retiring and putting her own life on hold, Danielle became a caregiver and companion to her elderly Aunt May, a woman whose life had always been a mystery. Danielle never dreamed that her life would change so completely upon the discovery of an item in May’s room. The item revealed to Danielle both sad and unbelievable moments she could never dream possible. This discovery would eventually bring change to Danielle and give her the opportunity to look at her own life

My Review:

A very touching inspiring book. Actually brought tears to my eyes. This is the second time reading this book and I enjoyed it more than the first. It is one I could read over again. The author contacted me to let me know the book was discounted on Amazon but unfortunately Amazon will not let me review anymore. I did find I the book already so decided to read again. It is a short book but very powerful.

Back to the book, Danielle is caring for her aunt May during her last days. Danielle finds out a lot about her aunt she never knew during this time. I don’t want to go into book very much but I have to make a quote from it. “ no matter what age you are, love or opportunity can be waiting around the bend.” 


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