Montana Mistletoe

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About the book:

The only job Abby Halliwell can find in her Montana hometown is temporary nanny to two mischievous little girls. But it’s on her ex-boyfriend Jess Langford’s ranch. Jess needs help raising twins suddenly left in his care, so he and Abby are determined to be professional. But between unexpected holiday happenings and two mischievous matchmakers, will their business arrangement turn into something more?


My Review

This was such an special story.  I just felt so close to the characters. They became like family to me. I loved the twin girls so much. They are five years old and quite an pair. Jess unexpectedly finds himself raising the two young sweet girls. He also busy on his ranch with the cattle.

Abby is being hired to help with the girls. She grew up in the area. Actually part of the story involves her and her dad. They had some things to work out. I loved his part in the book. Actually I loved most of the characters in the book. Unfortunately I hardly ever get to read a book more than once but this is one book that would be special enough to do so.

I received this book from the reader service I subscribe to. I was not required to write an review. This is my own opinion.

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