The twins’ family Christmas

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About the Book:

Pastor Carson Blair plans a quiet Christmas vacation for his twin girls—until veteran Lily Watkins gets snowed in with them. Lily is drawn to the warmth of this family, but she’s hiding a secret about Carson’s late wife that threatens more than their holiday. And the twins have their own plan—one that includes a gift-wrapped mommy to complete their family.  


My Review:

This book made me smile a lot due to the twin girls that the author gave so much life to. The little girls were so cute. The book also has dogs in it also, I loved what Lily said “ dogs are such a gift. They make everyone happy “. That quote meant  so much to me, I know that is definitely true in my life. Another part in the book, Lily takes in an older dog and that is so  important thing to do.
The twins father is a widower who wife knew Lily in the service to service. There is something that Lily needs to tell Carson about his wife. Will she be able to tell him?
Also I really enjoyed the character called Long John that lived there at the ranch, just him and his dog. He really enjoyed the twins also. Of course, who wouldn’t. I definitely recommend this book.
I received the book from Harlequin reader service as part of my monthly books I subscribe to. I was not required to write an positive review or an review at all. I really enjoy the Love Inspired books.


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