Why I love doing book reviews

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I thought since my blog is doing book reviews I would write a post on why I love writing  book reviews.

Reviews are very important for authors: they work hard writing their book and spend a lot time doing research. Especially if they are writing an historical fiction which is my favorite genre.  Once the book is written and completed it is something very precious to the author.  As a reader having the pleasure of reading the book we should write an review. That is only fair to the author.

I have  always loved reading, as a child, as a teenager and as an adult. Books can make you laugh, books can make you cry, and also dream.  As a famous author once said ‘ a reader lives a thousand lives; you can travel through time,  to different cultures, different countries, different worlds. There is so many types of books, so many different genres that there is a book for everyone. The authors hard work gives a lot of people something to do that is not able to do a lot of physical things. Books are also good for our mental health.

I love helping authors in promoting their books, a book review can help that a lot. So, I started doing a blog for book reviews. Then I started doing book tours which I enjoy a lot. I get to explore different types of books and authors I haven’t read before.   Sometimes I don’t put the review on my blog but i at least try to put one on Goodreads or Bookbub. I admit, sometimes I get lazy and don’t write one but if it is a really good book I have to write a review  and be sure and let the author know.  I can also share the review on different media sites and some retailers. Sharing the review can really help out a lot.

In writing book reviews all you have to do is say what the book meant to you.  How you like the characters or which was your favorite. Authors often say the review doesn’t have be very long, ( just a couple of sentences). Sometimes when you really love the book and the characters it can be hard to put into words. Of course, I always have to remember not to put any spoilers in the review. I would love to hear how others feel about the importance of a book review.



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  1. Couldn’t agree more with you on “helping the authors” part. I don’t do book blog tours/order for advanced copy, just post the reviews on my blog. But still like to feel, that I’m helping the author in my own small way to spread the word-of-mouth.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I sometimes want to write a review. Especially if it was really good. I want others to experience it. I used to write reviews on all the Deanne Gist novels I read. Then I read them all and somewhere along the line, I stopped. But you’re right. They are important. After all, the number of positive reviews does influence my purchase!

  3. I read relatively obscure books so make a point of reviewing those I like and that fit with the themes of my blog (nature, environment, literature and crafts). I like to share my enthusiasm for good books and help the authors. Many of my reviews are pretty short so it’s good to read in your post that authors value short reviews too! I also share my reviews on Goodreads and with links on Twitter and Facebook

  4. I enjoy helping authors gain more visibility, especially debut authors. However, I think what I love most is the ‘book recommendation’ aspect of reviews so that readers like me will get to know a book they might otherwise have overlooked.

  5. Don’t forget the importance of a book review for the future reader. They will be the ones who will go on to buy the book. So I tend to focus on a review for other readers.
    Yes a review can help an author, but beta readers, editors and proofreaders will have already given back useful feedback. Which the author hopefully took on board.
    However, I am also aware that with today’s explosion of the self-pub/ indie market, many skip, can’t afford, are conned or don’t realise how important experienced professionals can be. So these authors then rely more on reviewer feedback.

  6. I enjoy writing reviews too. If just one person finds the review helpful, I feel I have done my part to try and help an author and readers. Get post!

  7. I just found this post, and had to chime in. As an author, I do value reviews — and reviewers. Many readers make their buying decision based on a book’s reviews. Also, Amazon bases how much it does to help boost a book’s visibility, in part, on the number of reviews that book has received. On a more personal level, it’s just heartwarming and encouraging to see/read this visible evidence that people are reading and enjoying a book I put so much time, effort, heart and soul into writing. So thank you, reviewers! Know that you are appreciated and valued. Your review may be the thing that keeps some discouraged writer from deciding it’s time to throw in the towel. I’ve had reviews that made me want to do that, and many reviews that reminded me why I love to write. Thank you, one and all!

    1. you are welcome. I hope as a reviewer I am getting more visibility for writers and I am sure a lot of other reviewers feel the same way. Reading books especially christian fiction books helps me so much.

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